The Best Flags for a Dorm Room

Decorating a dorm room is absolutely essential part of moving into college. You can transform a plain space into your own personalised sanctuary and reflect your style and interests. 

Decorating can be a hassle though, and take up a lot of time, so one great way to put up some quick decoration is with a flag. Flags brighten up any space and can be fantastic conversation starters. At The Decor Emporium, we have a range of flags for your room ranging from stylish to downright hilarious. Check these ones out:


1. Kanye Tweet Flag

You really can’t go wrong with a Kanye tweet flag (or maybe you can). The multi-talented artist is known for his music and also his outrageous tweets and public antics.

He’s definitely made some memorable tweets in his day – and what better way to remember the old Twitter than by commemorating with a Kanye tweet flag?

2. Bud Light Flag

For many college students, college equals beer. We’ve got a beer liquid flag which you might like, but if you’re into Bud Light, we’ve got a flag just for that too. This would be ideal for a bar setup, or maybe just an area where you like to crack open a few cold ones. 

We’ve got a Guinness one and a Corona one too, which you should definitely check out, depending on your preference. As always, remember to drink responsibly.


3. Shrek Meme Flag 

Shrek meme flags are an immediate win for any college dorm room. Shrek is now a symbol of the internet, so hanging a Shrek meme flag in your dorm room is a surefire way to spread positive vibes.



4. Fake Tweet Flag

There’s something hilarious about a fake tweet from a high-brow figure, such as a US president.

We all know Ronald Reagan famously said “Drunk cigs don’t count” and Joe Biden “hoes mad”. And of course this famous quote from Thomas Jefferson.


5. Gym Flags

Motivation can be a great theme for a college dorm flag.

Gym bros will want a flag that gets them hyped in the morning for a gym set. Check out our Gym Bro flag which is perfect for any gym-loving dorm, as well as our Girl at the Gym flag.

Let us know in the comments which are your favourite flags. We’d love to know your favourites, and how you decided to decorate your dorm room.

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